Walk times of Various Track destinations

Manapouri Jetty to Hope Arm Hut - 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. (one way)
  1. Hope Arm to Snow White Clearings 3 to 3 1/2hours(one way)
  2. Hope Arm to Bushline on Mt Titaroa 6 hours (one way)
  3. Hope Arm to Monument return - 6 hrs return
  4. Hope Arm to Back valley - 1 to 1 1/2 hours (one way)
Manapouri Jetty to Back Valley Hut - 2 to 2 1/2 hours (one way)
  1. Back Valley to Lake Rakatu 2 hours return
  2. Back Valley over Circle track to Manapouri Jetty 4 hours (one way)

Accommodation on Track

Hope Arm provides a hut which sleeps 12 people and tickets to stay there can be purchased from DoC in Te Anau.

Back Valley provides a free hut which sleeps 4 people. Campsites available at both locations.

Snow White Clearings & Mt Titaroa are camp site only locations.

Walk Info:

Mt Titaroa is a limestone topped mountain with many tarns & Rock type scultures reminiscent of Stonehenge, it provides views to Stewart island and Mt Cook on a clear day. Cannot be climbed up and down in 1 day from Hope Arm as the summit is a large area to enjoy. This is an amazing Mountain, allow plenty of time to explore and enjoy. Can be also be climbed over and exited in the Borland. (There is a lodge at Borland just across the road from the entry / exit poit of the track.)

Important - Take a locator beacon, topo map and vodaphone (021) or 2 degrees (022) mobile phone for safety as there is not a clearly defined track from Snow white clearings. Note: Telecom 027 does not work in this area.

The Monument can be walked from Hope Arm, it requires making your own track around the beach to base of mountain and around the bottom to join the track to top and back. There is a river to cross and if lake conditions are high then it may be uncrossable.To access the top of the monument you will find yourself climbing through Rock like a chimney w This is not a difficult track from base of mountain, but the last bit narrows and is over shingly rock outcrops culminating with the fianl access to the top through a chimney like access through rock with a chain to help pull yourself up. (2 hours return from base of Mountain) 360 degree views.

The easiest access to walk the monument is by boat, however this requires a charter and is approx $516.00 return, ($258.00 e/w). This is ideal if there is a group of you (upto 12)


Regards Mike & Donna

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1. Monument (small mountain with narrow peak) taken from top of Circle Track. Hope Arm beach on left.

2. Lake Rakatu taken from Mt Titaroa

3. View of Mt Titaroa from Lake

4. Crossing a bridge on way to Hope Arm