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Welcome to Fiordland - New Zealand

I am based at Manapouri in Fiordland, and whether it is with clients or on my own, every day is a good day when it comes to fishing in fiordland.

My personal preference is still water fly fishing and find this ideal for sight fishing. However I do have some favourite out of the way river locations I also enjoy through private properties. So regardless of local conditions there is usually a good place handy to fish.

When it comes to trolling my 5.7 metre Aqualite pontoon boat "The Mayfly", is a pleasure to get out onto the lake with and provides a stable base to fish from. It travels so smoothly it's like gliding over the water!

We are fortunate in this area to be surrounded by many inspiring Lakes and Rivers which provide excellent fishing opportunities and options in varied conditions. We have both brown & rainbow trout in this area.

My Fishing trips are special because -

1. When you book, I only take you fishing, there are no other customers with you. So you have my dedicated attention for a great fishing experience.

2. We only fish in conditions suitable for catching fish. My trips are all about going fishing to catch fish. The scenery is a bonus.

I provide 2 fishing options -

Fly / Spin fishing - This is for the experienced fisherman and is for a min of 4 hrs, all gear is supplied and is of good quality. It is for 1 or 2 people only and we access locations by vechile or jet boat, though clients have a choice of lake & river fishing, sometimes weather can dictate tthe best locality.

Trout Trolling - This is for everyone, no experience required. We go either down the river or out onto the lake in my 5.7 metre pontoon vessel the "Mayfly" , and slowly drift along dragging the line behind us. This is a great option for those who have never fished, but also for the experienced who wish to share the joy of fishing with family. All gear provided.

Look forward to hearing from you, regards Mike

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